The «Wind Tunnel» app is a software for iOS and Android devices. It turns your smartphone or tablet into a wind tunnel simulator. Draw obstacles and watch the fluid flow around. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, aerodynamic profiles and observe what happens.

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A realistic simulation …
The wind tunnel application simulates fluid dynamics assuming incompressible and homogeneous fluid with the Navier Stokes equations. The application is first designed to provide an interactive and entertaining simulation. However, it still provides nearly accurate physics !

… powered by a highly optimized engine.
The velocity field is solved in a 120x180 grid on most devices. This requires a lot of computational power, especially to sustain a high 30 fps frame rate. To meet those requirements, we developed a highly optimized simulation engine able to leverage most of the processing power available, both in the CPU and GPU. Critical sections of the program were carefully hand-tuned and vectorized with the SIMD NEON instructions. Further algorithmic work is still in progress, to improve the performance of the engine and quality of the simulation even further!

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" It is hard to believe a small computer can perform all these calculations. WOW ! "


" A good mix between science and fun. Absolutely brilliant. "