Feature list:

• Conduct 40+ experiments in the sections 'Refraction', 'Diffraction', 'Waveguides' and 'Fun'.
Interact with the simulation: Move/rotate lenses and more objects with your finger, launch laser pulses and watch them fly around your screen
• Four customizable object shapes: lenses, ellipses, rectangles, triangles.
• Four customizable light sources: point source, transient point source, line source, transient line source.
Eight different colormaps to display the electromagnetic waves on screen.
• Create your own experiments from within the app and share them with friends via iTunes file sharing (on iOS device) or by file transfer (on Android devices).
Create your own experiments from a computer in a special xml-format which can then be loaded in the app by anyone. Check tutorial for detailed information.
• Sensors to observe the light field at any point in the simulation. Fourier Transform on the sensor to perform frequency analysis.
• Employs algorithm for the simulation of Maxwell's equations in 2d, i.e. an algorithm describing the evolution of electromagnetic fields over time
• Highly optimized and parallelized code taking the most of multiple CPUs on mobile devices.